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W1100SP Fast drying low odour gloss coating based on purified raw materials with a reduced 2-Ethylhexanol value that has almost no tendency to craze and very good rub resistance.
W1165 Fast drying gloss coating with excellent press stability, very good block, rub and scratch resistances. Suitable for use in combination with low migration inks.
W975 Medium fast drying gloss coating with excellent ink fixing on varied substrates. Imparts high rub, wet, water and wet block resistances.
W980 Fast drying gloss coating with high transparency, water, wet block and wet rub resistances suitable for both non-absorbent and absorbent substrates.
W5965 Fast drying gloss coating imparting lower odour excellent slip properties, a low tendency to craze, excellent rub resistance and reduced migration behaviour.
W5995 Fast drying low odour gloss coating with good organoleptic properties and reduced migration behavior. The coating has a low tendency to craze and excellent rub resistance.
W4444 Medium fast drying special gloss coating created to deliver maximum gloss results with very good rub resistance and excellent transparency resulting in a superb colour depth.
W3475 Medium fast drying coating formulated for applications where single side high gloss results are required with good rub resistance.
W900 Fast drying problem solving sealer/primer with good rub resistance suitable for non-absorbent substrates, use over metallic inks and for offline UV or lamination finishing.
W988 Medium fast drying gloss sealer/primer with high transparency, excellent water and wet rub resistance. Suitable for metalised label and board applications.
W985 Fast drying heat resist gloss coating with good transparency, web rub and block resistance. Suitable for outerside coating of oven and microwave packaging.